India 2016

In 2016 we are raising money to help build another church in India.


Pastor Charles leads the congregation of the Open Bible Churchin in Padiyur, India. 
Padiyur is an agricultural village where most people are poor. 
The land has already been bought and a well put on the site for the entire village to use.




Nicaragua 2015

Nelson and Tirsa Gaitan are Open Bible missionaries in Nicaragua.  Their church is building a bakery in the back of the church to provide jobs and extra income for the congregation.  We raised money to help them purchase the bread oven and a commercial grade mixer.


Remodeling the back of the church for the location of the new bakery 


Hard working men of the congregation.


The oven arrives...


...and is moved to it's new home.


India 2014

In 2014 we raised money to help build a permanent building for an Open Bible Church of God in Belukkuruchi, India.

You can see more pictures from Pastor Parker's trip to India to dedicate the church on our Instagram page.


Pastor Surendhra Mohan leads the congregation of the
Open Bible Church of God in Belukkuruchi, India.


They used to meet in a shed made out of coconut leaves
that they made themselves on a rented piece of land.


They were told they could no longer meet on that land,
so they sold their sheep, cows and other small belongings
to raise money to purchase land for their church.


In 2013 Open Bible missionaries helped dig a well in Belukkuruchi
so that the entire village can have safe, clean drinking water. 


Breaking ground and starting on the foundation.


Walls going up!


...and up some more!